Beginners Brewing Kombucha

Ahh kombucha, my husband and I love this drink! Kombucha is a fermented tea full of probiotics and antioxidants which help improve digestion, give you a natural energy boost, help maintain a healthy weight and help support your immune system. There are many, many more benefits of kombucha and I encourage you to do a quick google search for even more information! 

My husband and I love kombucha so much that we typically each drink a bottle a day. Here in lies the problem, a bottle averages about $4. Now the benefits of kombucha are completely worth this price!  But, we are trying to be more frugal and spending almost $60 a week on kombucha was a bit much. So, I looked into brewing my own.

I was little hesitant about brewing my own kombucha because I wasn’t sure how intensive the process was. Free time is not something I have in abundance right now between balancing being a new mom and all my work and business goals. Turns out, it’s actually pretty darn easy and SO quick! Brewing kombucha is so easy, that I was able to do it successfully the first time and it tastes really good!

20180726_150903I found a kombucha brewing kit from The Kombucha Shop (I am in no way associated with them) and it made the process super easy for a novice like me. It provides you with everything you need to brew a batch of kombucha and breaks down each step. The total kit cost $50, so basically one weeks worth of kombucha for us. Once you brew a batch, you will have everything you need to continue brewing, without having to purchase more materials (unless you would like to brew multiple batches at once).

So, if you are thinking about starting to brew your own kombucha, let me break down the steps for you. If I can do it, you can definitely do it!

  1. Boil your water (my recipe called for 4 cups) and steep your tea! My kit came with a mix of Ceylon and Oolong tea. So good! 
  2. Mix in your sugar (1 cup)and let it dissolve in the pot, stir away! 20180726_153823.jpg
  3. Once the sugar has completely dissolved pour your tea into a glass brewing jar (the recipe I’m using, calls for a 1 gallon jar). Then top this off with 8 cups of filtered water. 
  4. Here’s the most fun part! Add in your SCOBY! If you are like me, when you first saw this acronym, you had no idea what it stand for. Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast. It’s super squishy and kinda stinky. 20180726_153911
  5. A couple things left before you put your brew aside for the next 7-9 days. Check your pH levels and temperature. Ideal pH is 4.5 or below and temperature between 68-86ยฐ F.
  6. If everything is good to go, cover your jar with a cotton cloth and seal it off with a rubber band. Now you wait. Set your jar in a warm area, but out of direct sunlight. You want plenty of air flow as well, so keep it out of the cupboards.
  7. Your kombucha is done after 7-9 days. You’ll notice a new layer of goopy goodness has grown on top of your brew, this is the new culture and you can use it to brew your next batch! 20180726_154958
  8. If you don’t want to flavor your brew, then you are done after this step. Simply remove the culture, put your kombucha in the fridge to chill and enjoy. 

I tasted our kombucha at this stage and was yummy just like this! But, I really wanted to try flavoring. I chose to go with a berry ginger mix. Now I am certainly not a Pinterest worthy do it yourselfers. Here’s one of the many reasons why. I used blueberries, raspberries, lemon and ginger to flavor our brew. I didn’t measure this out. I basically kept scooping the flavors in until I felt like it would be enough and crossed my fingers. So if you want to flavor your brew, follow these steps!

  1. After taking your culture out, you can either flavor your brew in the gallon brewing jar or pour your brew into separate glass bottles. I chose to flavor in my brewing jar. When I say chose to, I mean I forgot to buy bottles in time for this step. #momlife 20180803_140647
  2. Once you flavor your brew (so many recipes for flavors on Pinterest) close your jar with the plastic cap or if you are using smaller bottles make sure to seal them with the top. Leave your brew out for another 2-4 days. 
  3. Once your brew is done, put it in the fridge to chill and enjoy your kombucha! 

I’m looking forward to brewing our next batch? I’d love to hear about your favorite brew flavors! 


3 thoughts on “Beginners Brewing Kombucha

  1. Mmmm, it was delicious!


  2. I want to try this out! There is no Kombucha shop here in the Philippines can I use a big mason jar?


    1. Hi, you could definitely use a big mason jar. As long as you have a SCOBY, tea and cloth to cover it!

      Liked by 1 person

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