A Parents Worst Nightmare

A parents worst nightmare. Outliving their child.

I used to wonder how some news stories are able to grip an entire nation so tightly. What is it about certain stories that cause our hearts to falter. Our breath to catch in shock.

I normally do not get swept away in news stories. Of course when I saw news of the helicopter crash that took Kobe Bryant’s life I felt empathy for all families involved. It wasn’t until I saw the additional reports about the children on board that my heart faltered. My breath caught in my throat. The death of these families grips me.

Yesterday both the parent’s on board and parents left behind lived and are living their worst nightmare.

I can’t imagine the horror of those final moments as they realized they could not save their daughters. I have no doubt they had no fear for themselves. Any parent would sacrifice themselves a thousand times over for their child.

I can’t fathom the hell Kobe’s wife is living and will continue living. A mother’s worst nightmare. Outliving their child.

This. This is why this story has gripped this nation. Yes Kobe was a legend. I’ll be honest when I first heard the news, I immediately said a prayer for his family that they would find comfort in this time and went on with my day. But, it didn’t grip me. You know why? I don’t watch basketball and I never have. I didn’t see myself in this story.

When I learned his daughter passed with him I immediately felt sick. Now I can see myself in this story as so many others can. This is how a nation becomes gripped.

A parents worst nightmare. What shreds our hearts is the stark reminder that nightmares happen to anyone.

The harsh reality that no parent wants to face is how we can only control so much. We do everything to protect our children and secure their future. Yet in an instant it could be gone.

We push thoughts like this aside and bury then down as deep as possible. Honestly, I think it’s a survival method. If I constantly thought about how many freak accidents could harm my daughter we would never leave our house. Never ride in a car. Never fly in a plane. Walk down the street. Because you just never know.

When news stories like this occur it brings all those fears we try to shove way deep down to the surface. It makes us contemplate the time we have left on earth with our children. We assume it will be decades. What if it’s not?

I have no words of wisdom. But I will tell you my daughter has received so many extra kisses and snuggles. I can’t imagine my life without her and just the thought steals my breath. I pray it doesn’t take horrible news stories like this one to remind us to prioritize what really matters before we run out of time.

I pray God holds the victims of this terrible accident in his warm embrace and provides comfort to their loved ones that only He can provide.

Rest in Heaven

  • Kobe and Gianna Bryant
  • John, Keri and Alyssa Altobelli
  • Christina Mauser
  • Sarah and Peyton Chester
  • Ara Zobayan

5 thoughts on “A Parents Worst Nightmare

  1. It is so upsetting. Thank you for sharing your honest perspective


  2. Such a tragedy 😦 We pray for all the victims and their families.


  3. Beautiful reflection. I think tragedies like these bring up our own memories and experiences with death.


  4. Thanks for sharing this. For some reason this one hit home. We so often feel that if someone is famous then they are untouchable and that is not the case. Live life to the fullest, you never know when it is our time.


  5. I had the same initial reaction as you. Because like you I also didn’t watch basketball. But then my gears quickly changes to the pain his wife is in. I couldn’t fathom the loss.


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