World Breast Feeding Week

It’s #WorldBreastfeedingWeek 

Now, I think we can all agree, that “fed is best” so by no means is this post meant to be a slight towards any mother who decided breast feeding wasn’t / isn’t for her. We are all just doing our best to survive and I support any mother in her decisions on how best to care for her children. 

When I decided that I would breastfeed Adaline, it was a decision I made because I knew the benefits and that was basically it. I really wasn’t looking forward to it, because I knew what a sacrifice it would be. Just because it’s natural, doesn’t mean it’s easy. Chapped nipples anyone? 

Truth: the first month of breastfeeding sucked hardcore. Cluster feeding, bleeding nipples (yuppp), engorgement, leaking and I constantly smelled like boob juice. Like. All. The. Time. 

I am so grateful I pushed through that first month, and had an amazing support system at that. What I wasn’t expecting is how much I would fall in love with nursing. It is such a special bond between the two of us. I encourage all mommas who desire to, to prioritize breastfeeding! This means researching it. Plan ahead so you are aware of the roadblocks that might pop up (tongue ties, poor latches).

It is so worth it. The benefits of breastmilk go on and on. To name a few: lower risk of many cancers for both mom and baby, increased immune system of baby. Got a minor illness, squirt some boob juice on it! Ear infection? Pink eye? Rash? Squirt, squirt and carry on. Also, I was back to my prepregnancy weight in 5 weeks (I still have plenty of toning and work to do), but the 30 pounds of baby weight would definitely not have come off that quickly without breastfeeding. #breastfeedingismycardio 🏃‍♀️

I’m in a few breastfeeding groups here on social media and it astonishes me and breaks my heart how many women don’t have the support of their closest family members. We really need to normalize breastfeeding friends. Did you know, just LAST month it became legal in all 50 states (Utah and Idaho were the holdouts if you were curious) for a mother to breastfeed her baby in public. You would never think to tell a mother she couldn’t give her infant a bottle though, would you? 

So my recommendation for you, is that if you are at all considering breastfeeding, but don’t have the full support of family, join a support group! I’d be happy to share the ones I’m in with you and of course I am always happy to support any momma who needs it!

I think we need to work on encouraging each other, so women, when you are out and you see a nursing mama, smile at her. Nursing in public is stressful for most of us, it certainly is for me. I really don’t want the world to see my boobs, but if my baby is hungry, she’s getting fed. I’ll be as discrete as possible, but it will take everyone to #normalizebreastfeeding

Momma’s no matter how you decided to feed your baby, you are a badass and your work on loving and raising your children is SO important and respected. 

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