Flying with a Toddler: Five Tips for Mom

Yesterday I posted about tips to help make travel easier for your babe. But, what about Mom!? Here are five things that I’ve learned from trial and error the few times I’ve flown with my daughter alone.

  1. Yoga pants are a curse. Listen. Chances are when you are flying with a toddler or even more than one child (God bless you), you will have said child hanging off of you in the bathroom stall. The first time I flew with Adaline alone I was wearing a comfy pair of yoga pants. Ladies, by the time I got those pants down, peed and then struggled to stretch them back up WHILE holding my daughter… I was drenched in sweat like I had just run a marathon. Never again. Today I’m wearing comfy pants that I can pull up and down one handed with ease.
  2. Keep it to one bag if possible. I fly Southwest for 99% of the flights I take so I can check two bags for free. Last time I flew, I checked a bag and then carried an additional bag as well as Adaline’s diaper bag while wearing / carrying her. It was a mess. This time I opted to check one big suitcase and carry one bigger backpack that still is small enough to be a carry on. Whatever you can condense, do so! The less you have to juggle the easier your trip will be.
  3. Direct flights. If at all possible get a direct flight. I personally am willing to pay more, within reason, to have a direct flight. The fewer times I need to wrangle a toddler in and out of a plane the better.
  4. Use your bathroom breaks wisely. I’m not suggesting you let yourself get dehydrated, but if you are like me and can’t even fathom trying to go to the bathroom in the teeny tiny restroom on the plane, plan when you will pee. I have found it to be helpful to go right when I get to the airport and right before boarding. I try not to drink too much during this time and save water for the plane. This way by the time I’m about two seconds from wetting myself it’s about time to get off the plane and I can go in the destination airport.
  5. Smile at any judgy, clearly have never spent time around a child haters and treat yourself to a glass of wine on the plane. Keep in mind if everything seems to be falling apart, this moment is temporary. Traveling is stressful even for the most put together moms. I assume so anyway, I am certainly not in that category.

Share with me how you make traveling with a toddler a little less stressful on yourself!

5 thoughts on “Flying with a Toddler: Five Tips for Mom

  1. Tip one and five gave me the best laugh! I love your yoga pants story and I always try to smile at the judgy too!


  2. Love these tips! I’ve honestly been avoiding flying with my super active toddler 🤪
    Also I would have never thought about the problem with the yoga pants, but so true!!


  3. A much needed post that will help out any mom flying with a toddler! Great tips. My kids are older now, but I also definitely learned the hard way that direct flights are a MUST! Definitely worth the extra cost.


  4. The yoga pants tip is hilarious! I can definitely recall having my arms full in a teeny airplane bathroom drenched with sweat. Thanks for the tips!


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