Childhood Reflections

As I was looking through photos from a trip we took to the beach this past weekend, I stopped and smiled at this one of my daughter in the water. So sweetly looking at the rocks below the water. Finally gaining enough confidence to step into the water without holding my hand the entire time. It only took a couple trips to the beach this year. Each trip she gains more independence. I can’t imagine how bold she will be when Autumn breezes in.

She may be studying the rocks, but all I see in this picture is her sweet little reflection staring back at her. Which naturally, caused me to become all kinds of nostalgia. Pregnancy hormones have a way of doing that to you too. It seems as with every ripple of the water she grows a little older. A little wiser. A little more independent.

One day your little burrito baby is sleeping on your chest. Then the ripple comes in and goes out, and your toddler has their long gangling legs sprawled across you in bed.

One day you converse back and forth with your baby in silly, spitty babbles. The ripple comes in and goes out and your toddler is telling you in emphatic detail about their favorite toy.

One day you are stressing that your baby will never learn to roll over. The ripple comes in and goes out and your toddler is running unreservedly through the grass.

One day you are sweetly singing lullabies to your baby. The ripple comes in and goes out and you are listening to your child delight and sing to their own song.

One day you are sure you will never be able to use the restroom again without a baby in your arms. The ripple comes in and goes out and now instead of holding your infant your toddler excitedly narrates while you go. You will in fact never use the restroom alone again.

One day you are looking at the infant that first made you a mother. The ripple comes in and goes out and you are sharing ultrasound pictures with big sister.

One day you stare at this fresh, pink baby on your chest and you wish you could freeze time. You cannot imagine how life can exist beyond that moment. But then, the ripple comes in and goes out, just like that water, each moment quickly and gently ebbs away.

2 thoughts on “Childhood Reflections

  1. This post brought a tear to my eye! My son is newly two and I don’t know where the time has gone. This was a great reminder to stop and appreciate every stage!


  2. Awwww this brought so many memories back! Such a sweet post!


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