Through Their Eyes

One of the early days after my son was born as he was nursing and staring up at me with those big, baby blues I was struck by the beauty and wonder of his eyes. I used to, and still do, fall under the same spell with my daughter’s eyes. My mind started to wander and I began thinking about all the experiences those eyes will see across their lifetimes.

I imagined all the wonder filled moments they will have as babies and toddlers, seeing the world for the first time. The marvels they will experience as they begin to understand the world around them as children. The excitement they will feel as teens when they get their firsts tastes of independence. The love they will feel explode in their hearts as they build their own families as young adults.

As I stare into those deep, blue eyes, I cannot help but wonder…

When they stare up at me, do they only see the weary bags under my eyes or do they see through the puffiness to the love overflowing my heart?

Do their eyes see the pride shining from mine while I watch them explore and grow?

Do they recognize they are forever a part of me as they see themselves reflected in my eyes?

What about all the spectacular moments they will get to experience for the first time?

Will they stand in awe when they see the fire of a sunset exploding through the clouds?

Will they giggle with delight when they spy fireflies lighting up on a summers night?

Will they squeal with glee when they see a giant wave coming to splash into them?

Will they wonder at the sight of new animals? The long neck of a giraffe or the brilliant colors of a peacock?

As they mature into teens and young adults encountering an entirely new world, will they still see me behind them cheering, guiding and praying for them?

As they catch a glimpse of their first crush?

As they navigate their first road trip?

As they try out that new hairstyle that may make a momma cringe.

As they spread their wings and leave the nest to start a new adventure.

As they walk down the aisle to begin their next chapter.

As they cry tears of joy when they look into the eyes of their newborn and know their entire life has been culminating to this moment.

As a momma, I desire so badly to be able to see and experience everything with my babies. Sometimes I find it hard to even imagine them as adults leaving our home one day. The thought makes me lose my breath. One sleepless night blurs into years flashing by in the blink of an eye. So today, I’m going to stop and memorize the way their eyes shine back at me when I sing to them or swing them in my arms…and I’m going to try not to blink.

Cover photos by the lovely Spencer Snaps Photography

7 thoughts on “Through Their Eyes

  1. Hard to finish, can’t read thru the tears.
    You so eloquently put to words what we feel when holding and watching our babies. Josh, Sheena and Derian always make fun of me, but when I look at them today I still feel me holding them as babies, staring into their eyes and the love I feel swelling in my heart.. yes I’m just an Aunt, but love with the love of a parent. I am so proud of who they have become.


  2. Oh Christa – tears tears tears …so beautiful. This is exactly how I feel and how I anticipate reacting to all of your posed questions. I’m so glad we made 2 beautiful babies! I truly thank God for the blessings that precious children bring into our lives. I would hope that younger couples embrace this as early as possible and their much older selves will be very glad they did!


  3. Aw! This was a tear jerker, for sure!


  4. That was a beautiful write up ! so many emotions flowing through.


  5. Nicole @ TheHelpMom February 8, 2021 — 3:56 pm

    So very sweet, I can tell you really enjoy, love and cherish your children. Children are such a loving gift and blessing. Enjoyed reading your expressions.


  6. I wonder some of the same things looking into my twins’ eyes. And I get so excited for when they’re a little older because I can’t wait to watch them experience life. They get to experience all the wonder for the first time, but I get to experience them experiencing it all.


  7. Such an emotional post !!! I think all mothers feel the same way…


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