May We Remember

20 years. Does your heart feel heavy like mine today? I am taking this heaviness and using it to focus on appreciation and gratitude that God has given me the gift of another day. The gift of holding and kissing my babies and loving my family and friends.

On this day of remembrance, may we remember…

To relish mornings spent in the sunshine with cool a breeze blowing around us. The mornings we can wake up slow and snuggle into blankets with baby feet and toddler toes tangled in with us.

To admire the beauty of wildflowers decorating the roadsides, the way dragonflies ride the waves of the wind, the way the clouds float across the sky like cotton candy treats.

To enjoy the feeling of our toes digging into sand as waves gently ebb and flow over our feet. The smell of BBQ being carried through the air. The sound of laughter coming from children building castles in the sand.

To pause and listen to the serenade of nature. Leaves rustling in the wind. Crickets chirping as the sun sets. Birds welcoming the sunrise with their morning songs.

To hold on to the moments of quiet pleasures. The feeling of your babies breath on your cheek while they nap in your arms. The first time your toddler goes down the big slide all by themself. That first sip of morning coffee. The first cool evening of Fall, windows open and the crisp air enveloping you as you sleep.

To admire the imagination of a child as they create a masterpiece of their mind with chalk on the walk. The way they view the world through untarnished eyes. There innate ability to wonder at the world around them and notice every simple, beautiful detail we miss.

To take the time to be present with our family and friends. Share in their joys, support them in their sadness and relax with them in the mundane.

Life happens in the little, hidden moments. Your toddler squeezing your hand after a meltdown. Your dog warming your feet with their soft, grey muzzle. An inside joke with your spouse.

To pause and marvel at the wonderful creations God has given us. He makes no mistakes.

To soak in simple delights: the baby giggles, the smell of crisp leaves falling to the ground, the scent of freshly cut grass, the feeling of sunshine warming our skin and soul.

To let go of frustrations. To put aside differences. To love thy neighbor, regardless of choices they make. We are all human. We are all sinners.

To appreciate those who make the ultimate sacrifice for us so we can live freely. So we can pursue our dreams, work to create the life we want and rest in the comfort of having the freedom to do so.

To remember, there is more beauty and love in this world than anything else. Do not let anyone convince you otherwise. Search for and focus on the good. Focus on love.

United we stand. Divided we fall. God Bless America today and everyday.

4 thoughts on “May We Remember

  1. This is beautiful. We must remember to be grateful and not take for granted the joy and love we have in our lives. I think if we lift ourselves up and raise our vibration, others will be lifted up with us.


    1. Yes! I love the idea of lifting others up when we are able. We will all take turns being the person to lift others and needing to grab the hand of another for help up ourselves.


  2. We will never forget; the heroes and civilians who became hereos.


  3. This is a beautiful tribute. I’ll never forget.


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