Reflections of Pregnancy Wisdom

As a disclaimer, this post is meant in gest and to be taken lighthearted. I realize most comments made to pregnant women are not made with ill intentions. We just live in a society where common sense does not always prevail. Ope. There I go already with the snarkiness. That’s pregnancy hormones for you! I would love to hear what some of your experiences are too. Tell me your favorites in the comments!

“Why do I feel like you have been pregnant for five years?”

Well, three babies in four and a half years. I basically have been pregnant for five years. I will be delivering our third and final baby in a few short days. As this chapter of my life is coming to an end, I’d like to reflect on some of my favorite comments and words of wisdom I have received  the past four years. 


  • Are you sure there is only one in there? There is no way you are not having twins. Love this one.
  • Wow, three kids! You are brave. Not all hero’s wear capes. Many of us wear stretchy pants and oversized tops.
  • You think you are tired now, wait until the baby is born! If I had a dime for every time I heard this during my first pregnancy.
  • You want to breastfeed? Good luck. It’s harder than you think. I doubt you will be able to nurse long. With support and education women who desire to breastfeed can be successful. Both my babies nursed past 18 months.
  • This is your third? Was it planned? Yes, were you?
  • I’m sorry, but, I just have to rub your belly. That’s a nope.
  • Good luck never being able to do anything you want for the next 18 years. Raising a family is what many of us want. It is so hard and requires so much sacrifice, but there is nothing better.


  • What do you have in there a Ford Focus? I prefer Toyotas.
  • Why would you even want to have children in this world? Because God.
  • Do you think you’ll have a mommy make over now that you’re done having kids? If you are paying.
  • Your coochy must really hurt with how low your belly is. My coochy and my butt hurt from the pressure, shall we go into more details?
  • You still have four months to go? I bet your doctor got your due date wrong, I’d get a second opinion! Honestly.

To keep it fair and positive, here are some of my favorite words of support and wisdom I have received from some wonderful and experienced mommas.

  • Every tear, sleepless night, stretch mark, time spent throwing up and moment of pain will be worth it when you hold that baby in your arms.
  • Only God could love them more than you. 
  • Listen to your intuition, do not allow anyone to bully or guilt you about the choices you make for your child.
  • Take pictures and write things down! Early years are a blur of sleep deprivation and craziness, it’s so easy to forget precious little moments when you are in the trenches.

I find it hard to believe I will only be pregnant for a few more days and never experience this feeling again. Although I do feel great relief at this, there is still a tinge of sadness. Not sadness with the decision our family is complete, but more so with how fast it has gone! I cannot help but wonder at how quickly time flashes by.

Five years ago this week, my husband and I announced our first pregnancy. Now we are welcoming our last baby. Yet another reminder to soak it in. My advice for any pregnant momma’s, whether it is your first or fifth, breathe it all in. Allow these moments with your babies to fill every part of your heart, you were meant to be their mother and nobody can love them more. Also, you look beautiful, regardless if you, like me, look like you are carrying a Ford Focus or if you have a teeny tiny belly.

For your amusement. A few pictures of me throughout this pregnancy.

Things escalated quickly in the belly department.

1 thought on “Reflections of Pregnancy Wisdom

  1. The recap of your pregnancy years has me reminiscing of my own pregnancy experiences. The worst comments came afterwards-and way afterwards-when I was asked, “Didn’t you have that baby yet?”


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