To the mom…

…who wishes she could take a break, but sees those two chubby hands reaching for her again.

…who wishes she could fill her cup with goals and ambitions, but dreams are constantly interrupted by the call to momma.

…who wishes she could have a day away where no one needs taken care of, but knows only momma can do the hard work and can’t leave.

…who aches for their child to learn to sleep on their own, but holds them tight and cries through their screams while rocking them. Again.

…who is working so hard to stay afloat, yet feels like you are drowning in the balance of being a mother, wife, employee, chef and housekeeper.

…who sometimes cries into the soft, sweet head of your child when it all becomes too overwhelming.

…who looks at the beautiful innocence of their child’s face and the crushing weight of guilt for being frustrated with things out of their control makes it hard for you to breathe.

…who is afraid to share how alone she feels for fear others will think she doesn’t love her child and know that they are the biggest blessing in her life.

…who despite the roller coaster of emotions you ride daily, knows these are the best years of your life.

Soon those chubby little fingers will grow slimmer and longer. Those hands won’t reach for yours anymore.

That little burrito of a baby who used to sleep on your chest, with their head squished into your neck is now a squirmy toddler that stretches long across your lap.

One day your home will be quiet again. One day you will have an entire day to fill without your name being called. One day you will wish desperately to see the world again through the eyes of an innocent toddler. One day you will miss the chaos.


1 thought on “To the mom…

  1. LOVE your blogs! They’re so relatable!


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