5 Moments We Should Share with Expectant Mothers

I’ve noticed a trend over the past few years. I’m not sure how long it has been going on because I paid it no attention until my husband I decided it was time to start trying for our first child.

It was as if the second other women heard my ovaries were open for business, they felt it was their job to share horror stories about pregnancy, birth and parenting. Why do some women do this? Why is the first reaction to try and scare another woman? Are we searching for some kind of validation in this? It’s so silly to me. Listen, we all know pregnancy, childbirth and parenting is hard. I don’t know a single person who went into it thinking it would be a breeze.

I’m not saying we need to sugar coat or hide the hardships of anything. Doing this only sets women up for failure by giving the illusion that hardships mean something is wrong when the craziness is totally normal! But, let’s not embellish. Let’s not focus on the hard. Let’s focus on the good! Does the good not outweigh the hard? It does for me, especially when I stop to think about the wonderful journey motherhood has been.

This idea of finding the little moments in the day to day helps me focus on pulling out and cherishing the wonderful that comes with motherhood. Those moments that cause you to pause in awe of this little human you’re raising. What’s been amazing to recognize – it’s not the big moments, the milestones (first word, crawling, walking). Those moments are wonderful. The moments that capture my heart the most though, are the ones that happen in the mundane moments.

Below are 5 moments I’d like to share with mothers. Five different kinds of moments you can look forward to and you can hold close to your heart on those days when the hard makes you feel like you can’t breathe.

1. There will be a million moments that you will look at the world in childlike wonder through their eyes. It’s freeing. It’s nostalgic. It’s wonderful. Children are blessed to see the world through unsullied eyes. The first time they play in the grass, pluck a dandelion, splash in the water. Watching your child take in the world around them for the first time is humbling and amazing.

2. When you share something you love with them (a childhood toy, favorite activity) and the joy in their face mirrors yours. I love to read. Thankfully my daughter also loves to read. When she walks up to me with a book and wants me to read it makes me so happy. When she walks to the front door and points to go outside, it makes me radiate with joy that she loves nature as much as I do.

3. Those times your child snuggles into you, reaches for your hand, wraps their arms around your neck. Oh my goodness. Your insides will melt. Any stress you are feeling will instantly melt away, if only for a moment. I don’t care what you are in the middle of doing. No task is more important than stopping to reciprocate a hug, snuggle or kiss. A million kisses will not come close to being enough.

4. When you see someone else love your child *almost* as much as you do. When I see my parents or siblings loving on my daughter it makes my heart swell. I love seeing others dote on her and teach her. I love seeing how this tiny little human my husband and I created melts the hearts of those around her. It’s a pride I didn’t know I could feel.

5. Unconditional love. Alright so I can’t speak to the tweenage and teenage years because my daughter is only 17 months old. But, let me tell you she has seen me on my worst days and still loves me unconditionally. I am still her person. Momma has a meltdown over how tired she is. Still loves me. Momma is stressed and snippy because work deadlines loom. Still loves me. Momma hasn’t showered in 3 days and stinks. Yup. Still loves me and wants all the momma time she can get. It’s a love I’ve never known before and wouldn’t trade for anything.

To the expecting mothers, new mothers, seasoned mothers and everything in between. Motherhood is so hard. So. So. Hard. There are days that I wonder if I can ever do anything right. On those days, I hold my baby close and breathe in her sweet, sweet baby smells and think about the magnificent in the mundane.

Share with me your favorite everyday moments you share with your littles.

4 thoughts on “5 Moments We Should Share with Expectant Mothers

  1. First of all, I love your Blog Title. I love sharing with expectant moms. I think sharing good and bad experiences gives good balance.


  2. Yes I love this! Sharing moments like these can help mammas have a peaceful pregnancy and even a peaceful birthing experience. When other moms share horror stories, expecting moms will internalize those fears resulting in longer labors due to the fight or flight response. Anyway, thanks for sharing!


  3. I love that you shared so many beautiful moments and words of encouragement. It’s so important to be a support to other mother’s. I only share the crazy parts if someone asks about it. Sierra Beautifully Candid


  4. Sharing something with love with our child is the best! I always love watching them experience those special moments.


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