To My Daughter on National Daughters Day

It’s National Daughters Day (apparently). I can’t help but reflect on what it means to be a mother to a daughter. What an incredible journey these past 17 months have been.

I have felt the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Usually within the span of about 10 minutes. Motherhood is hard and gritty and beautiful. I have learned more about myself since becoming a mother than any personal development book or class could ever teach me. All facades are ripped off when you are in the trenches of parenthood.

Something pure and enchanting happens when that facade is removed though. That’s when real life happens. This is when the best memories are made. These are the times you will look back at and smile at how quick the chapter went even though in the moment it felt like eternity. You will look at your beautiful daughter and see glimpses of yourself in her sparkling eyes. You will see glimpses of the little girl she will become. You may be exhausted during a midnight wake up, but you will also learn to embrace one more opportunity to sneak kisses all over her soft little head.

So, to my daughter I am honored to be your mother. I am blessed to grow and flow with you. I will always love you. When my frustration runs high because you won’t go to sleep. I will love you. When you don’t have the words, so screaming is what you use. I will love you. When you refuse to eat your favorite food. I will love you. When you color on walls, floors and doors. I will love you. When I can no longer stand the crying, I’ll say you get your personality from your father and I will love you.

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