Finding Your Normal

I, like most, am feeling an emotional drain from the last four months. This last season has been tumultuous to say the least and most of us our still reeling from it. As we are continuing to move through this season that shows only glimmers of what we were used to pre-2020 craziness I am actively working to find more clarity, the silver lining, the lesson. With so much of our daily routines being stripped away, it has given us a prime opportunity as we begin to put our day to day back to “normal” to determine what we actually want to be at the core of our lives.

Do we truly need much of what was given up or are some of those things desires we’ve been conditioned to think we need our entire lives? I’m finding more clarity and focus with what our “new normal” will be. I hope you have received some lucidity these past few months on what you can and cannot live without too. What needs to be prioritized? What changes can you make to your life moving forward? Where can you cut back? Where can you grow? How can you begin to build your new normal? What do you actually want to go back to?

A few things that have become abundantly clear for my family. Things we absolutely do not need to have a beautiful, thriving life: celebrities, professional sports games, main stream media fear mongering (I cannot emphasize this one enough, turn off the news and live your life), hate constantly being spewed across social media platforms, the newest “thing” that comes out and your told you can’t have a happy life without – actually we can and we do.

What I cannot live without and what actually brings my soul alive, unplugging and focusing on the beautiful world that surrounds me. The lowering summer sun shining through my garden. The soft breeze taking the edge off of the sticky humidity in the air while I watch my daughter play and feel little man kicking in my stomach. Getting lost in a book, exploring new trails, getting dirt stuck under our nails working in the garden.

Focusing on teaching my daughter about healthy living and how she can be proactive regarding her health. Teaching her how to be independent, do her own research, come to her own decisions and not just follow along with the majority. Appreciating the simple, beautiful wonders in life, connecting with nature. These are just a few of the things that bring my soul peace and joy and have been totally sustainable, even when the world has gone mad. Whatever I can do to keep this as my normal I will do.

Have you felt a pulling or resistance recently? Are you excited to get back to your normal routine? Are you feeling a nagging, that maybe you would like to do things a little differently or totally different? I’d love to hear about your feelings!

5 thoughts on “Finding Your Normal

  1. Yes, definitely have felt a pulling and resistance lately. But I am trying to take one day at a time with God in toe. Thanks for your post!


  2. I love this post. Yes, I definitely am feeling our new ways of being evolving and it is no longer feeling like struggle. I think the fact that we have let go of so much so easily has shown our family that we are simple people who can enjoy simple pleasures. It is extremely empowering.


  3. I love that you basically said the things that society tells us we need (sporting events, spa treatments, etc.) are actually things we can live without. Hopefully more than just a few of us have learned what it is we actually NEED in life through this experience. And the media omg don’t even get me started. I had to stop watching any and all news in my house because there’s so many conflicting messages and no one seems to know what’s going on


  4. Beautifully written! I am a toddler mom and these last four months have been both wonderful and difficult. I am also a first grade teacher and I am ready to go back to school, but I know things will not be “normal” for a while. So I am anxiously awaiting school to start so that I can finally establish what our “new normal” will be at both home and school! Thank you for sharing your thoughts!


  5. Amen! I completely agree with everything! I do not watch the news or read the headlines as I don’t believe anything anymore. All I can do is pray and look to the future! Thanks for sharing!


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