Simply Simple

Nature is pleased with simplicity. And nature is no dummy. -Isaac Newton

The other day I was sitting in my front yard with my daughter. She was playing in our water table, our two dogs were tied up to the tree we were seeking shade under. A gentle breeze was blowing and I could hear a neighbors wind chimes. It was a picturesque summer afternoon. If I could think of one word to sum it up. Simple. It was simple. No fancy games or electronics, we weren’t on some grand vacation. Just easy, simple fun.

This got me to thinking. There is so much pressure to create these insanely memorable summers, every summer for our kids. Pressure to plan these extravagant trips and vacations, never mind if it’s in your budget or not. Social media will try and convince you that unless you make a bunch of “special” memories with your kids, they are missing out. I don’t buy it. Of course I want to plan and have fun trips with Adaline and any future children we have. What I won’t do, what I refuse to do, is buy into the illusion that I need to make extravagance the focus of my children’s childhood.

Is this actually what our children need anyway? Do they need for you to constantly be stressing and attempting to create these lavish experiences? Or, would they benefit more from your focus. Your closeness. Your undivided attention every day while enjoying the simplicity of togetherness? My best memories of childhood are the simple moments my parents gave me their time. Sitting with my dad on the front porch and “helping” him to carve a wooden boat. Going to the library with my mother. The memories may be blurry, but I remember clearly how they made me feel. I hope to give this same gift to my children.

A few of our favorite things. Playing with chalk, playing in the water table, looking at leaves and when all else fails, playing in the dirt is always a hit!

I’d love to hear your favorite ways to spend time with your family!

1 thought on “Simply Simple

  1. I’m a stay at home mom, and so was my mom. She taught me the simple joys in life. The park, the library, a “picnic” in the living room, she even let me sit with her and do her grocery lists. My mom was smart. She told me I was good in the store, I could pick out a piece of fruit for myself. I’m going to do these things too! ❤️


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