Then There Were Two

Phew. Seven weeks in. Our little man, Charles Raymond, has been with us earthside seven weeks already! In a way I already forget what life was like before him. He has effortlessly snuggled his way into our family dynamic so quickly.

Adjusting to two kids has certainly been a wild ride we will continue on for a while, probably forever. Adaline has done so well, but naturally, like her parents, has her moments of frustration and struggle. One minute she wants to hold him and the next she’s melting down because I need to nurse him. If anything, this has shown a huge light on how important our one on one time is. When Charlie is sleeping I put my phone down and focus solely on Adaline. She is teaching me not to take our moments of alone time for granted. No distractions, just us.

As with any new additions to the family, postpartum life is a roller coaster. I wish I could say I have handled everything with grace, but that would be a huge lie. I snap at my husband. Argue with my toddler. Get frustrated with this brand new baby when I hear him crying immediately after setting him down to sneak away to the bathroom. I know these feelings and actions are normal, but I think as mothers we always hope we will be the unicorn that handles every situation flawlessly. As humans we are innately flawed, so clearly that thinking just sets us up for major letdown.

Postpartum with two has been a rapid blur of snuggles, tears, laughs, spit up, cluster feeding and heart bursting pride at the sight of my two children. It still sounds foreign to hear myself say I have two children. Such a blessing.

Prior to Charlie’s birth I had so much anxiety around our expanding family. I was constantly wracked with worry about how I could love another human as much as I love my daughter. The moment they put Charlie’s squishy, squirmy body on my chest my heart automatically expanded for him. So many moms have shared this same fear with me. You are not alone! I promise your heart will expand to fit two.

I look forward to sharing the ups and downs and what I learn as we continue on our journey as a family of four.

I would love if YOU shared with me some of the highlights of expanding your family to two (or three, or four, or however many children you’ve been blessed with).

*Featured Image Captured by Spencer Snaps Photography*

3 thoughts on “Then There Were Two

  1. Congratulations! He’s adorable! I remember feeling that same anxiety in the weeks before my second was born. It was such an adjustment for those first few months. Three and a half years later, I look back and it was definitely hard with plenty of ups and downs, but now, especially with the pandemic closing everything where we are, they’ve grown really close like partners in crime.


  2. Congratulations! 🙂


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