My Prayer for 2022

I feel like I just wrote My Prayer for 2021 yesterday, while it also seems like it was a decade ago. This year has gone by as fast as one long exhale, yet so many experiences and lessons fit into that one breath it almost feels like a lifetime.

As we are preparing for a new year, I like to pray for the time ahead of us. To set my intentions with God for the best possible year. Here is my prayer for you, my family and myself.

I pray as individuals and as a country, we recognize the powers that are working desperately to divide us. I pray love overwhelms our hearts and we fight to show them, we will not fall for the narrative. We can love each other regardless of choices, skin color, political party. I pray that any other agenda driven hate used as an attempt to divide collapses.

I pray we all slow down this year. That we think small and focus on our families and communities. The best kind of change starts within your home. I pray we have the knowledge and earnestness to build up the light in our homes so we can shine it into our communities. That we find ways to be active and improve our neighborhoods and be blessings to our neighbors.

I pray we find stillness and quiet so we can hear God talking to, showing and guiding us to our purpose. That we release the need to control and force our will into  His plan. That we allow ourselves to be shepherded by His guidance, even when it is uncomfortable.

I pray our patience is stronger than our children’s willpower and sass. I pray when we inevitably “mess up” we have the grace and composure to apologize to our children and model how everyone is growing and learning how to be our best selves.

I pray we say no more often. That we find a balance between things we have to do and desire to do while saying no to things we absolutely do not have to do if we don’t desire to do them.

I pray we continue to grow and learn with excitement new skills, regardless of their relation to any job we may have. Maybe that’s gardening, knitting, golfing, painting, anything that makes you feel passion come alive.

I pray we continue to grow and take charge of our health both physical and emotional. Trust our God given instincts to do what is best for us and our families. Be accepting of others who make different choices that may be best for their families and withhold judgment and vitriol. May we be proactive about strengthening our bodies inside and out so we can enjoy each day we are given.

I pray we continue to expand our relationship with you Lord. That we are able to guide our children to learning, loving and growing in their relationships with you as well. I pray we prioritize our time spent in the Word learning about your love for us so we have a strong foundation when life makes us stumble in weakness.

I pray we spend more time reading books, inspiring blogs and educational articles than we do scrolling through the negativity that can be found infiltrating much of social media platforms. Honestly. If mainstream media went away completely, the entire world would be blessed. Let us learn by talking to our neighbors instead of relying on media to tell us what to think.

So from my family to yours may you have a wonderful year and recognize all the blessings you receive to help ease the pain of any burdens this year brings. ❤

Photo by the lovely SpencerSnapsPhotography

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