If My Children Made New Years Resolutions

I completed a Duck, Duck, Go search on the most popular New Years resolutions. To no surprise the following came up: Exercise more / lose weight, learn a new skill or hobby, live life to the fullest, spend less and save more money and spend more time with family.

Although I’m not a resolution gal myself, I couldn’t help but chuckle at how my children are already attacking these common resolutions with dialy vigor! Maybe I should jump on board with them.

Want to spend more time with family? My children make the most of every day by waking up before the sun! They don’t want to miss a minute. Rise and shine by 6am! They make sure to crawl all over me as I pretend to still be sleeping. My daughter never passes up a chance to wake up her dad with a loud, “Cock a doodle doooo!” Since he sleeps through everything else. I look forward to that every morning.

Trying to lose weight? Staying trim has never been so easy! My daughter has the perfect strategy. Just take one bite of everything on your plate and then claim the rest is “yuck-ay!” Pro tip, it only works if you leave the random pieces of apples, bananas and granola bars with one bite taken out laying around the house.

Want to save money? In order to organize our toys and make sure we don’t forget about any of them we first must, daily, dump them all out and keep them strewn across the floor. This also helps them to know what toys we don’t have so they can ask mommy and daddy to buy more. My kids are actually not on board with the saving money resolution. This does encourage mommy to save money on toys though because I see the mess and say, “We absolutely do not need one more toy in this house!”

Exercise is a vital part of the day and it’s important to move our bodies. Both my children have this one down! To ensure she is moving her body my daughter will jump on the couch, the bed, the floor. She will dance around the house, which is adorable I might add. My son, a newer walker, will sprint as fast as he can regardless of how many times his head gets in front of his body and he splats on the ground. We should all follow his try again attitude.

Live life to the fullest. We can all take direction from our children on this one. They have a way of never taking, “no” for an answer. They will preserver through any redirection or distraction you can throw at them. They know what they want and they fight for it! If they see something new and interesting they must try it! My daughter has been on a Blippi kick. Now she wants to try snow boarding, horse back riding and insists I buy her a salamander all because she saw it on Blippi. On the plus side, she also now eats snap peas, does lunges and can tell you countless facts about excavators.

My son is always exploring everything around him. Both my children still have the spark of excitement and intrigue in their daily, made up adventures. We can certainly follow their example on this, although I am not buying a salamander.

On a more serious note, I hope this year, whether you make resolutions, pick a word to build around or want to focus on deepening your roots where you currently are, is your best year yet. I hope you find humor in the frustrations of raising littles, which some days is so much harder than others, pause to get on the same level as your children and allow them to teach you appreciation for the everyday mundane.

I hope you take time to notice the beauty in what is around you, whether its noticing and appreciating a soft breeze on your cheeks, soaking in the feeling of grass under your bare feet, stopping to admire Spring blossoms as the landscape comes back to life or noticing the playful way the sun makes designs on your walls as it peaks through your windows.

Photo credit: SpencerSnapsPhotography

1 thought on “If My Children Made New Years Resolutions

  1. So true! We need to employ the fresh innocence of children’s ways .


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